1. The Market will be held weekly on Sunday at Inside Victoria Park from 10.00am to 4.00pm. The committee reserves the right to alter the place or the time of the market and will give reasonable notice of any such decision.

2. The aim of the market is to provide locally produced, good quality produce and hot food to the local
community. Production methods should have minimal adverse environmental (and welfare) impacts and
conform to recognised standards. 

3. The market team reserves the right to monitor the quality of produce offered for sale by any stall holder
(with reference to clause 2). The committee may cancel the stallholders contract (where it feels these criteria are not met).

4. The Market aims to achieve a balance of a wide range of stalls

5. Stallholders may only sell produce as listed on the application form. Additions to this list may only be made by agreement with the Market’s team and must be negotiated in advance.

6. Stalls should clearly display the name of the stallholders or enterprise and make sure their branding and
stalls are kept smart at all times. 3x3m Gazebos are absolutely essential and stallholders will not be able to trade without them. Any traders with larger gazebos must gain consent in advance from the Company.

7. Stalls should be set up in time to start trading when the Market opens and should not close prior to the
market closing unless given prior permission by the market team

8. Traders must commit initially to 4 weeks, attending every week at the market to provide continuity.

9. Stallholders must give 10 days notice if they wish to relinquish their pitchby filling out the Trader leaving form at www.victoriaparkmarket.com/trader-leaving (verbal notification is not valid). Stallholders who fail to turn up for a booked pitch are liable for the full fee, regardless of the reason, which must be paid before they can return trading.

10. Waste, rubbish, etc is not to be left on site and stallholders are responsible for the removal of their own waste and rubbish.Stallholders should clear away their stalls promptly to enable cleaning to take place.
Cleaning pitches is the responsibility of all stallholders. Cleaning needs to be done to the standard required by the terms of the hire of the venue.

11. All traders must commit to 4 consecutive weeks trading in advance. From the fourth week traders pay for their pitch at the end of the days trading.This leaves a week's pitch fee as a deposit in the market’s accounts for each trader. This deposit is returned when traders leave the market, covers their final week’s pitch or covers the market if traders fail to turn up.
Bank Account: The Good Market Company Ltd Sort: 204150 Acc: 73766152

12. All traders enter the market under their own risk and fees are none negotiable regardless of stall takings or weather.

13. Traders must trade every week with a maximum of 2 weeks annual leave per annum for produce traders and 4 weeks annual leave for hot food traders per calendar year which must be formally booked a month in advance by filling out our annual leave form for produce here and for hot food here

14. Each stall holder will enter a binding contract once they’ve paid the returnable security deposit.
With this deposit you are accepting the terms of the above policy by making the relevant payments before
they will be able to trade.

15. All stallholders must comply with current Trading Standards and Environmental Health requirements.

16. You must hold adequate insurance to trade with the public and must present an appropriate current certificate of public liability insurance to the Company immediately on demand by uploading it as part of our registration process. It is the traders responsibility to share updated or renewed policies with the Company. By agreeing to these Rules you further agree that the Company and its Directors are not liable for any claims, losses, damage, injury, costs, charges, liability, or exposure arising from your trading with us.

17. The market team reserves the right to ask stallholders to leave the Market if they are in serious breach
of Market policy.

18. The market team must ensure that all stallholders are aware of health and safety issues in relation to
operating within Victoria Park Market and updated on specific issues as they arise. 

19. By agreeing to the terms of the contract, traders are permitted to exclusively trade at this location within Victoria Park (Bonner Gate entrance, Approach rd through to Gore rd entrance) with The Good Market Company

20. You agree:
• You may not and will not trade at any of the Company’s markets unless requested and permitted by the Company to do so;
• Your contract is with the Company only; you do not have a contract with anyone we rent sites from;
• You have no right of tenancy whatsoever; and
• We have the right to request you to stop trading at any of our sites for any reason whatsoever

21. You agree:
• Immediately to stop trading at any of our sites if we ask you to;
• Not to make a claim against us if we ask you to stop trading.

22. The Company’s decision on these Rules and all other matters concerning the Market is final. You agree to abide by our decisions promptly.

23. These Rules, revised 1st June 2019, supersede all previous versions.